A key strategy for selling your home

When you are selling your home, you are not just trying to appeal to buyers. You are trying to appeal to Manitoulin real estate agents as well. When the price is right, homes will appeal to the buyer’s Manitoulin Realtor as well. And they are more likely to show their clients a house priced appropriately than one they know is going to be a struggle to get a deal done. And obviously, the more Realtors interested, the more buyers that are going to come through your home to possibly make an offer. Remember, every Manitoulin Realtor is going to do a proper analysis of your price before their clients offer.

They are going to compare your price to other houses sold, currently active on MLS and other houses that didn’t sell to help their buyer come up with a price to put in their offer. Avoid getting what you feel is a lowball offer by first, making sure your price isn’t out of the ballpark.

Dedicated to You

We love to make friends, not clients. Our no-pressure approach to selling homes on Manitoulin is something we strive for. This is an important, life-long decision for you, so let us join you and make it an enjoyable journey. We are dedicated to your wishes in this busy Manitoulin real estate market. We look forward to building a strong relationship with you well into the future. However if you have a relationship with another local Realtor, please call them. We won't interfere with that relationship...that's important to us.