Quicker Sale on MLS

The most obvious advantage is a quicker sale when you list on MLS Manitoulin Sudbury , we will tell you, a properly priced houses will always sell faster. If it’s based on the current conditions of the Manitoulin real estate market, it will be more enticing for homebuyers. And if you have done upgrades and have it priced accordingly, you won’t have to be more of a salesman to get the price you want.

A faster sale means more profit, as you won’t have to price drop and a quick sale means it has caught someone’s eye early and they are more likely to make an offer at your price. Only buyers can really tell you what the actual price of your home is after they make the offer. However, if you work with your Sarnia Realtor and come up with a fair and accurate price, you’re more likely to get the price you want faster.

Dedicated to You

We love to make friends, not clients. Our no-pressure approach to selling homes on Manitoulin is something we strive for. This is an important, life-long decision for you, so let us join you and make it an enjoyable journey. We are dedicated to your wishes in this busy Manitoulin real estate market. We look forward to building a strong relationship with you well into the future. However if you have a relationship with another local Realtor, please call them. We won't interfere with that relationship...that's important to us.