Real Estate is not stressful…said no one ever!

“Real estate isn’t stressful”…said absolutely no one ever-).  And while we try to prepare our buyers and sellers for the realities of preparing a home for sale, then shopping for just the right place to move into, and then the actual move itself…at the end of the day,  the real truth is that it is a stressful, hectic and taxing process for all concerned.  There are so many details… and so much riding on the outcome.  Will our home sell for what we need?  Is it better to wait?  Will we be able to buy what we want in this crazy market?  How will the finances work?  Is a home inspection worth having?

We love what we do…and we love navigating this crazy journey with clients who are ready to take the leap of faith that moving involves.  We understand the stress (sometimes we are stressed too-) and know that education often helps ease the anxiety at least a little bit.  So we take the time to listen, explain, listen…and explain again as many times as it takes.  And work hard behind the scenes to take care of as many details as possible.

Then we celebrate together on moving day…and stay in touch for support in the long term (for as long as you want us!).  So, if you or someone you know is planning a move, we would love to walk the journey with you all….our door is always open.

Dedicated to You

We love to make friends, not clients. Our no-pressure approach to selling homes on Manitoulin is something we strive for. This is an important, life-long decision for you, so let us join you and make it an enjoyable journey. We are dedicated to your wishes in this busy Manitoulin real estate market. We look forward to building a strong relationship with you well into the future. However if you have a relationship with another local Realtor, please call them. We won't interfere with that relationship...that's important to us.