Kiera Brown There is no one I would trust more than Laurel and Garry Price when buying or selling a home..

Cara O'Connor September 3, 2020,  via Google Comment Amazing realty services. Knew exactly what I wanted in a house narrowed the search for me. When I was ready to sell my own they had 20+viewings and a sold sign in my yard within 4 days. I have bought and sold with Price and Associates and I would recommend them to anyone.

2018-06-11Hello!My name is Monique. I had the good luck to be highly referred to LaurelPrice approximately 4 years ago.Laurel was immediately attentive, honest and professional. She took myfeelings into consideration; but she was not afraid to put them intoperspective. Laurel cared about me, the home I was leaving, and what thefuture held for me. She counselled me how to prepare for the market. Sheoffered help in any way she could. She offered her professionalism as wellas her personal support.And Laurel Price delivered. By day three my beautiful home was signedover to its new loving owners. The sale was everything I’d hoped for. Theentire experience left me confident that’d I’d made the right decision inbelieving in Laurel.I cannot endorse Laurel Price enough. She is professional, personal andknows her business! With Laurel on your side, you will most surely receivethe best care in all respects.

Most Sincerely,Monique Vanderheyden

This letter is written as our strong letter of recommendation for Real Estate Agents Garry and Laurel Price. They assisted our son, Josh, with the purchase of his first home in Corunna, Ontario, in 2021. To encapsulate everything in this brief note would be impossible, but we can say with utmost confidence, that they were the BEST Real Estate Brokers, and our experience was second to none.

Garry and Laurel were referred to our son, Josh, by my sister-in-law and her husband, who had purchased their home with the support and guidance of Laurel. Josh reached out to them, and instantly received a response, expressing their interest and willingness to work with him on the purchase of his first home. Although Josh wanted to do most of this on his own, he did request that his dad (my husband), and I be a part of it, especially due to the fact that this was his first home purchase. With COVID being a new part of our lives, we initially met Laurel and Garry virtually. We were all present, and felt a connection with them instantly. Laurel and Garry are not your traditional Real Estate Agents....let me explain...

Laurel went into great detail with Josh, describing what was involved in the purchase of a home. She actually did a formal presentation to all of us, in great detail. She also asked Josh specific questions, things that were a MUST in his new home, and things that were less important. She explained also that buying a home could be very emotional, and that there could be some hard decisions, and disappointments along the way, but assured us that they would be there with us through the entire process.

Unfortunately, the market during this time was CRAZY!!! Homes were selling far above the asking price, few homes were on the market, and every sale involved a bidding war. They provided several homes for us to view, and they always were there together, and on time.(Smiling faces on!)...Knowing that it was Josh's first home, Garry would go above and beyond to check for things beneath the surface, and point out issues which our eyes could never have seen. If we entered a home that they felt was not worth proceeding further, we would turn around and leave. Every item was discussed first with Josh, making him feel very important. They developed a relationship with him, and in turn with us also. There was one home Josh and we especially loved, he put in an offer, along with a personal letter, but did not get the home. When Laurel called with the news, she was as heartbroken as we were, and she even dropped off a note of encouragement.

Ultimately, Josh purchased his first home. He was overjoyed, as we all were. The process went very smoothly. Laurel and Garry continued to reach out, to make sure everything was good! They celebrated along with us, just like family!

Laurel and Garry have the qualities that make them successful agents. We cannot say enough about their professionalism and knowledge within the industry. They maintain high integrity, and are very conscientious, always keeping our sons best interest in mind. They add an impressive, unique personal touch to what they do....

On behalf of my husband and myself, we would NOT hesitate to recommend them to anyone! (I would include our son in that statement, but he will forward his personal reference). We believe that everything in life happens for a reason, including meeting and working with Laurel and Garry, and our lives are all the better for it!

Please reach out if you have any questions, I would be happy to email or talk further above our very positive experience!


Lillian Mess, and also on behalf of Rene Mess

Katherine Schmidt: I will begin by saying that our home buying experience with Laurel and Garry could not have been any more positive. From beginning to end (although there is never really an end because they are there to support you well beyond the day you get your keys), the entire experience was A++. We were assisting our son to purchase his first home so there was much to learn for him. We were also from out of town so that brought an extra measure of challenge to the whole process. Garry used his excellent knowledge of construction, renovation, and all things related to a home purchase, to save us time and energy by filtering out properties that would not have met our son's needs. Laurel and Garry treated our son like their own. They never rushed him or would allow him to purchase something that they knew would be a compromise that he might regret later. But instead, they encouraged him to take his time to find his perfect first home (which he loves!). Laurel and Garry go above and beyond and they take the time to build a relationship with their clients. It's not about selling a house but rather coming alongside in an exciting and stressful time while building trust, to assure a rewarding and successful outcome.


Vera Radoch 2019: We started our search for a house last summer and we were apprehensive and intimidated about the whole process. Good thing we had Laurel and Garry on our side. They took their time and were very patient with us while providing us with everything we needed to know. I texted and called Laurel many times throughout the process and she was always happy to take my call. She really went above and beyond. We really appreciated that she was focused on helping us buy a house we were going to love. There was never any pressure. We couldn't be happier with the outcome. We love our new home! It was a wonderful experience and we still keep in touch. If you're looking for experienced, knowledgeable realtors with a personal touch, we highly recommend Laurel and Garry

Keith and Coral Young: Several years ago we sold our house with the help of Garry and Laurel about two years ago. They were very well prepared when we first met with them and guided us through the sale of our home where we had lived for almost 25 years. A lot had changed since we had been in the real estate market previously, so they patiently explained what was needed. Laurel helped us stage our home to showcase its potential and encouraged us until we had a suitable offer. All in all a pleasant selling experience!!

Michelle Walters: As first time buyers and new to Sarnia, Laurel and Garry couldn't have made our experience any better. They made it easy for us and we love our little family home. They were honest, informative and just plain kind and friendly. We recommend their business to anyone we hear ready to home shop. We will definitely use them again in the future!

Kim Bythell We were fortunate to have a friend recommend Laurel and Garry to us. We were out of the country for work, in anticipation of our arrival in Sarnia, Garry and Laurel began the task of finding us a lease property based on the specifications we gave them via email. They not only found us a wonderful property but have gone above and beyond to help us settle in our new city. These fine realtors have a top recommendation from us.

David Schmidt: This review was originally posted to Facebook in May 2018 and I wanted to share it here as well:

Well, Laurel and Garry have done it again. Last year they were the realtors to help our son find his first home in Sarnia. That experience couldn’t have been any better so of course we used them again to find our dream home in Sarnia. I have to say that we had a ton of concerns and questions that we had to work through since this was a major life change for us moving from out of town where we have lived for over 26 years. So this was about way more than a new home.


Here is an excerpt from an email I sent to Laurel and Garry after that purchase:

“I would just like to add my personal thanks too. Caring enough to find and hook us up with Brian Ellis to sell our home in Cambridge, because you knew success at this end would help enhance our overall experience and success at the Sarnia end, was above and beyond outstanding service on your part. Laurel and Garry, you folks along with Brian have to be best in the industry. Once again, many thanks for being not just real estate agents, but also agents of change making our dreams come true!”

To sum it up—Laurel and Garry are the most caring, honest, and professional realtors you will ever find.

Tom Saul June 25, 2020, 11:43 pm via Google Comment Laurel helped us with the difficult transition from our horse farm to a town home. She was very patient with us and helped us look at our options considering the various «pros & cons». She walked us through the building process and stayed in touch during the entire build. She was honest and caring, more interested in meeting our needs than in making a fast sale. I have recommended her to friends and they have been very satisfied as well. Not all real estate people are recreated equal, in my mind. Laurel is a cut above the average.

Jeremy Edward April 15, 2019 via Google Comment We were recently looking for a condo in Sarnia, and found that Laurel and Garry were very attentive to our needs and responsive to all of our inquiries. The result is that we now have just the place we were looking for, in a great neighbourhood! 

Ryan Young March 31, 2019 via Google Comment Laurel was kind, easy to work with, professional, communicated with us often and gave us good advice. Laurel and her team went above and beyond to get us the best price for our house!

Roy Murphy March 20, 2019  via Google Comment Price & Associates (now My Manitoulin Real Estate) pulled together a great deal to sell our house in Sarnia and get us into Brights Grove very quickly even though the market had cooled off. It was a nail biter but fun! They were very thorough and are more concerned with the customers needs than making a sale.

Nathan Colquhoun March 20, 2019  via Google Comment Laurel has been my realtor for the sale and purchase of a few different homes, including my late mother's home. She was professional, kind and understanding through different phases of our life and worked hard to find the exact house we wanted and get the price we wanted for the homes we sold.

Matthew Dwyer 2019: Laurel Price Was fantastic to work with in buying our new home. She ensured that we were looking at all the small details and not settling below our standards. They made buying our first home as easy as possible. We were completely satisfied at the end of our journey in searching for a home for our family.

Hi…my name is Amos and I am 3 years old. I live in a new house!! And I have my own bedroom with a big boy bed because I’m a big boy now. Mommy, Daddy, and I moved here from a real big city where Daddy says homes are too spensive (that means they cost too much money). We met with Laurel and Garry, who are Realtors. That’s a funny word but Mommy says they help people who want to buy a house. I liked being with them because I got to hold the flashlight for Garry when we looked at stuff. We saw big houses and little houses. We saw houses that smelled funny and I didn’t like them. But finally we found just the right house! It’s bright and sunny. My Mommy smiles a lot and my Daddy likes it too. It’s just the right size and has a back yard I can play in with my toys! And it’s near a park where I can meet my friends and play together. PS…AND I’m going to be a big brother too!! Update on Amos: He has a little sister named Maggie now who is almost 4. Amos is 7 years old and loves school, hockey and even playing with his little sister. He and his family still love their home and neighbourhood…and they remain one of our all time favourite clients who became wonderful friends.

K LeRoy March 20, 2019, 4:50 am via Google Comment We have recently relocated to Sarnia and our experience with Price and Associates was excellent! Laurel and Garry were exceptionally attentive, helpful, informative, and very welcoming. They were patient and encouraging as we looked at several homes and asked countless questions about the various properties and Sarnia in general. They were always ready to offer suggestions and feedback and quick to reply to our inquiries. We consider them a huge asset in our relocation process and would highly recommend their services!

Cheryl: I had the great pleasure of working with Laurel and her team a few years ago when purchasing my first home. I reached out to her online with the many questions of a first time home buyer and she called me back within minutes and walked me through all my questions over the phone. Within a few days we were in constant connection and Laurel literally walked us through the entire process. There was absolutely no pressure and she taught us everything we needed to know about buying a house. The process was fun and exciting and we felt confident in our decision to purchase our first home! 10/10 would recommend.

Lyn Griffin March 20, 2019  Price & Associates Realty is the first place to go if you are looking for Realtors that care about doing a first rate job for you. We so appreciated their honesty and how they worked above and beyond to sell our house. They are kind and caring and so easy to talk to. They will walk you through everything you need to know to sell your house and you will enjoy the process.

Nancy Kniffen: I am so very happy to know Laurel & Garry Price. Laurel sold me my home three years ago. When my fireplace stopped working she brought Garry over and he checked to see if he could fix my fireplace. She never forgets about me. She will be on vacation and will text me to see how I am. Believe me if you want someone who truly cares about you like you are family you need Price & Associates Realty. If I ever sell my home it will be Laurel to sell and then Laurel to find me a new home. I will never go with any other company. Thank you Laurel and Garry Price. So remember the company to call is Price and Associates Realty ! Thank you Nancy Kniffen ( Henricks )

Jennifer Hopkins: I have purchased several properties and my experience with Laurel and Garry topped them all by quite a long shot. They were thorough and took the time to explain and work through every detail even when we were tempted to cut corners in our excitement Laurel made sure every part of the transaction got the attention it deserved. Also our purchase was over a long distance which could have been a nightmare instead of the dream experience. I recommend Laurel and Garry without reservation. Professionally we were well taken care of and personally, she had just the right touch at every turn. Because you know we all get a little crazy when buying a home right? (The answer is yes.) Let them take you through it, you won't be disappointed.

Dedicated to You

We love to make friends, not clients. Our no-pressure approach to selling homes on Manitoulin is something we strive for. This is an important, life-long decision for you, so let us join you and make it an enjoyable journey. We are dedicated to your wishes in this busy Manitoulin real estate market. We look forward to building a strong relationship with you well into the future. However if you have a relationship with another local Realtor, please call them. We won't interfere with that relationship...that's important to us.  

We respectfully acknowledge that My Manitoulin Real Estate  is situated on the Traditional Territory of the First Peoples of the Three Fires Confederacy - the Odawa, the Potawatomi and the Ojibwe. We honour the relationships we have created with the Indigenous peoples of Mnidoo Mnising and are committed to continue growing these relations. We are also grateful for our connection and the continuous teachings we have received from the land and the waters. In honour of this relationship we will continue to advocate for the protection of the land and the waters for future generations.

We respectfully acknowledge that My Manitoulin Real Estate  is situated on the Traditional Territory of the First Peoples of the Three Fires Confederacy - the Odawa, the Potawatomi and the Ojibwe. We honour the relationships we have created with the Indigenous peoples of Mnidoo Mnising and are committed to continue growing these relations. We are also grateful for our connection and the continuous teachings we have received from the land and the waters. In honour of this relationship we will continue to advocate for the protection of the land and the waters for future generations.